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“heart.full.change. stands for a heart full of change and change that comes from the heart”


As a systemic consultant, couple & family therapist and mindful leadership trainer I offer couple & sexual counseling as well as Mindful Leadership Workshops & Trainings for corporate clients.


That change is supposed to be the only constant is a more than 2000 year old wisdom. True, it is nice to read and sounds good in the ear. But when this permanent change increases exponentially, when decisions made need to be reinterpreted again and again, and when orientation is to come primarily from within, body and mind often reach their limits. Whether as a manager, employee or in private as part of a couple, we sometimes wish to be accompanied in particularly intensive phases


With my services I provide you with a room in which we can talk about your concerns without judgement and without shame. Topics here can have their origin in the professional as well as the private sphere. In addition to my generally systemic approach, I apply methods from the areas of solution-oriented short-term interventions, hypno coaching and body and breath work, depending on the topic.


I work primarily online and additionally where I am at the moment.
Currently: Mallorca (Spain)


For more information, please click on one of the following topics:

Couples & Sexuality Counselling

Couples & Sexuality Counselling for individuals or couples. Possible topics could be unfulfilled needs, loss of trust or a relationship crisis.

Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness Trainings for corporate clients. Topics can be, for example Mindful leadership, leading in times of uncertainty, distance leadership or (several weeks) mindfulness programs for employees and managers.

As part of the initiative REDEZEIT FÜR DICH – #virtualsupporttalks I also offer 15-30 minutes of free speaking time.


M.A. Speech Communication and Rhetoric (University Regensburg)
Train the Trainer Mindful Leadership (University Witten/Herdecke & Trigon)
Systemic (Process-) Consultant (SG certified)
Systemic Couples- und Familytherapist (DGSF certified)
Extended CV

heart.full.change. Podcast

I regularly publish new episodes in my podcast about change, mindfulness and about life itself.
There I share my experiences in dealing with change, talk about my life, share meditations and useful tools from the field of mindfulness. (Only in German)

Vitamin FEM
Vitamin FEM Podcast

Vitamin FEM – Is horny an emotion? is a blog and podcast where my co-founder Marret Vögler-Mallok and I write and talk about topics around love, sex and femininity. The blog is in English and German while the podcast is only available in German. With this project we would like to make taboos discussable and give womanhood a warm and strong voice. With the project we can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.