To schedule an appointment for counseling or coaching, please write me via the contact form or directly via e-mail to Here you can already briefly describe what kind of concern it is and which medium of consultation you would like to use. If you would like counselling or coaching by video or telephone, I will respond within 48 hours with two suggested dates for the non-binding introductory meeting of 15 minutes. If we decide to work together, you will fill out the initial questionnaire before our in-depth initial session and sign the counselling contract.

You choose the type of our cooperation:


Non-binding getting to know each other

Of course you have the possibility to have a free and non-binding introductory conversation of 15 minutes with me before the personal consultation by video or telephone.

This should allow us to get a first impression of each other. In this interview you can briefly outline your concerns and ask questions that are relevant to your decision to work with me.

At the end or afterwards, when you have decided to work with me, we will arrange an appointment for a in-depth initial interview.

The first session

If you would like a personal counselling/coaching by video or telephone, we will get to know each other in the first in-depth session and I will ask you questions about your concern and your person. We will also talk about what you expect from the counselling and how you want us to work together. For consultation by telephone we use the function of video calling without picture.

If you wish a consultation by e-mail, I will of course send you the questions by e-mail.

Sometimes it turns out during the initial session that the impulses in the conversation have already clarified your concerns or were sufficient for you to continue on your own. Of course, it is always possible that I am not the right person for your concern and that a different kind of consultation or therapy would make sense for you, then I will signal this to you.

A successful cooperation depends largely on a good relationship between client and coach/consultant. That is why we only plan further appointments when there is the right chemistry. If so, then I usually recommend that you make appointments at intervals of 2-4 weeks.

Ongoing process

Together we will agree on the most suitable dates for you. In some cases, appointments at shorter or longer intervals may also be appropriate. We can also decide during the process whether we should change the method or supplement it with another medium. Cancellations and postponements of appointments are free of charge until 24 hours before the planned appointment. In case you cancel the appointment in the 24 hours before the appointment, I charge a consulting unit of 50 minutes.

Advantage Video / Telephone

The advantage of video calling is that it is most similar to a personal conversation. In addition to the voice, both conversation partners can also register information through the facial expressions and gestures of the other person. You are also in a place that feels comfortable and safe for you. You do not have to get used to new surroundings, which can give you a greater feeling of security. And in case the video calling is not wanted at a certain point in the conversation, the picture can be switched off and the video call becomes a telephone call.

In this type of telephone conversation, too, both conversation partners receive additional information, e.g. through the sound of the voice and the speech melody, which can help them to understand what is being said and can quickly get lost in an e-mail. Emotions often resonate in the voice, which can quickly be lost in a written exchange. You can also move around the room easily with the phone at your ear, for example, if you feel like walking around a bit during the conversation.

Technical requirements

For video and telephone counselling I usually use Zoom or Microsoft Teams, as they offer many interactive possibilities. Furthermore, you do not need to install any additional program, but can comfortably follow my invitation link and participate in the session via your browser. Alternatively, we can make the appointments via Skype.



In general, I recommend working by video or telephone, but there are also issues for which e-mail consulting can be the communication tool of choice. You should keep in mind that you will need enough time for reading and writing e-mails as well as for the exercises in between and that you should not write e-mails in between times. I usually reply within 48 hours (Mon-Fri) and should I not be able to do so, I will let you know when you can expect my reply. You have the possibility to choose between two types of e-mail consultation.

Impulse counselling

If your concern is already well described, if you have a specific question or you simply wish to have a second opinion on a topic, then impulse counselling may be suitable for you. On this occasion, you will receive up to 3 e-mail replies from me, with impulses, exercises, perhaps also literature recommendations.

E-mail flat rate

This variation of the e-mail consultation may be suitable for you if you want an intensive and long-term exchange. You purchase an e-mail flat rate, which means an unlimited number of e-mail replies from me for a period of 4 weeks. Also here you should plan enough time for the phases between the individual e-mails, as I will send you exercises, impulses and tasks by e-mail.

Advantage E-mail counselling

There are issues and concerns that you do not want to discuss face-to-face or over the phone? In these cases, consultation by e-mail is a suitable option. The advantage of this kind of counselling is that it is asynchronous, which means that you can write if you have time and you will receive an reply from me within max. 48 h. So you have the freedom to determine the time and length of the e-mail yourself, you can think about what you want to write and you also have the possibility to let the written text rest if you want to think about it again.
This type of counselling is therefore particularly suitable for you if you want to be flexible in terms of time or if you prefer to express yourself in writing.


When we end our period of working together, I will send you a feedback form, because I am happy about this kind of feedback in order to constantly improve my work and therefore appreciate the view from outside. Of course I am also happy to receive a review (anonymous if you like) in order to publish it on my website.


The counselling services offered here are not psychotherapeutic services in the sense of the Law on Psychotherapists. Therefore, the counselling offered by me cannot replace a visit to a doctor or psychotherapist and is not covered by health insurances. If we find out during the conversation or even in the course of the counselling that it is advisable to contact a relevant institution, I will signal this. In this case I will be happy to help you find the appropriate contact point.

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I am looking forward to getting to know you and working with you!

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