Whether agile work environment, VUCA or distance leadership, when employees are located all over the world or in the home office. Whether we as co-workers have gotten stuck in the rat race, barely noticing what warning signals our body has been sending us for a while, or whether we notice that we have made the wrong decision under stress, or that we have made a mistake in our tone of voice with our colleague.


You probably are familiar with one or the other scenario just described. The basis of my online workshops & trainings are Mindfulness Methods and Systemic Stress Management. Perhaps the word mindfulness brings to mind relaxation, yoga mats and sitting cross-legged. From this picture I would like to bring you right now back to reality, because my workshops and trainings described below should help you to get back into the “driver’s seat of life“, back to act and not react, and to train your own stress resistance with the help of (re)learned self-control and self-reflection.


Change takes time and requires continuous work. That’s why I’ve moved away from single workshops and trainings. In my training packages you will always find a combination of online training, personal coaching and peer group support. In this way, the acquired knowledge can be applied in everyday life, regularly reflected upon and one’s own process of change can be continually adapted.


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Mindful Leadership

For example:

  • Digital leadership at eye level
  • Strengthening of self-control
  • Explore personal stress patterns
  • Develop your own mindfulness practice
  • Promoting emotional intelligence
  • Knowing communication patterns and clarifying conflicts


For example:

  • Mindfulness Workshacks for everyday work
  • Recognizing and stopping stress patterns and automatisms
  • Enhancing stress resilience
  • Relaxation techniques for in between
  • Build your own mindfulness practice



If you would like to get a taste of the topic and would like to get some impulses on the subject.

  • 6 hours of Online Training
    • in one day or spread over two days
    • via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • 1 x one-on-one Coaching-Sessions
    • 60 minutes per participant
    • a follow-up after 3-4 weeks
  • workbook and meditations
  • max. 10 participants

3 months Change-Light

  • 2 x 3-hours Online Training
    • via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • 2 x one-on-one Coaching-Sessions
    • 60 minutes per participant
    • as follow-up after 1 and 2 months
  • Monitoring of peer groups by e-mail
  • including workbook and meditations
  • max. 10 participants

12 weeks Mindfulness Training

  • 12 weeks with one focus topic each week
    • Mindfulness exercises for self-experience
    • Tandem partner exercises
    • daily meditation
  • 1 x week 30 minutes live session
    • via Zoom or Microsoft Teams including Recording of the live session
    • Q & A, weekly-input and short meditation
  • workbook and tasks available online at any time
    • Short and long meditations as mp3 download
    • Working material and training instructions
  • Monitoring of the group by e-mail
  • Number of participants not defined


In addition to my experience as a systemic consultant and therapist as well as a coach and mindful leadership trainer, my work in the corporate world and as a lecturer form a versatile basis that helps me to respond individually to the wishes and needs of the participants in my trainings and workshops.

After working for several years as a freelance consultant in the field of personnel and organizational development, I changed my job from presence to online due to the demand of my customers and clients as well as my private changes.

In my experience, the workshops and trainings, as well as the coaching online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, have proven to create an almost good and familiar group feeling as in face-to-face sessions.

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