If you want to believe the neurobiologist Gerald Hüther, we actually only strive in life to satisfy two basic needs: connectedness, i.e. a fulfilled relationship with others, and autonomy, so that we can develop and unfold freely. Of course there are many other, smaller needs and wishes that can be assigned here and whose non-fulfillment often seems to bring us into a dead end when it comes to our relationship with ourselves or with our partners.


In these eventful and fast-moving times, it can be challenging to reconcile not only your job but also your partnership, perhaps children, family, friends and hobbies, and to live a fulfilling relationship and sex life, whether single or after many years of relationship. Often old wounds, shame or ambivalent desires are not openly communicated, which can lead to a loss of desire and sexual energy.


In the online couples & sexuality counselling you get on the one hand the trusting and unbiased space to address everything that concerns you (as a couple). On the other hand, we will then embark on a journey together and I will support you in finding suitable solutions for you (both).


My consulting/coaching is based on a holistic approach and is characterized by curiosity, respect, appreciation and humor.


In addition to my experiences as a Systemic Consultant & Family and Relationship Therapist as well as Coach and Mindfulness Trainer, my own experiences of different relationship models as well as being a co-founder of Vitamin FEM form a versatile basis for my work, which helps me to understand and illuminate the concerns of my clients from different perspectives.


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Through the solution- and strengths-oriented, systemic approach you will (re)connect with yourself and your own powers and resources. In addition to my systemic approach I work with further methods from e.g. Mindfulness, Sexocorporel, Hypnosis and EFT. This combination of methods involving the mind and spirit as well as the body will help you to get new impulses and you will be able to see your concern from different perspectives. I also support you in taking action and finding the right direction for you.


The ability to connect with clients on eye level is very important to me in my work. My empathetic way of working helps me to get involved with my clients and their experiences and to find the appropriate interventions for the respective person.

Nevertheless, my work does not replace a visit to a doctor or psychologist.


Couples Counselling

  • Improve communication with the partner
  • Dealing with an affair
  • Ambivalence – separating or staying

Sexuality Counselling

  • (re)discovering a fulfilling sexuality
  • Making unfulfilled sexual needs and desires a subject for discussion
  • Sexual problems such as orgasmic disorders
Process of the consulting/coaching

Costs of consulting/coaching

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I am looking forward to getting to know you and working with you!

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