Nowadays, the job that was originally there to earn a living has become the “job” that is supposed to bring not only money but also fulfillment. Of course, we should all be at the same time full of enthusiasm and ideas at work, and add value to the company or advance our own independence. In addition, there is a private life that also needs to be cultivated. This might mean children, partnership, family, friends and hobbies, who would like to get along with each other.


Lately, work-life balance has gradually turned into work-life fading. This journey of life, which is becoming faster and faster thanks to digitalization and globalization, is colorful and varied, as long as we have enough strength and the pillars that hold our system firmly on the ground.


There are many expectations that we have of ourselves and our lives. And at some points in life there are events that let this system become a little shaky and we can no longer control the situation on our own, or we simply run out of breath during this perceived endurance run.


If you just have the feeling that you have started to stumble and lost your way, are stuck in the fog that life sometimes holds for us or simply need time to get back to yourself, then you have come to the right place.


Whether you come to me as a private person, manager or employee, whether the topic to be dealt with is of a private or professional nature, with me you are human, person, individual.



Relationship with and to ourselves

  • Explore own needs and desires
  • Strengthening self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Improve dealing with yourself and your own emotions

Burnout prevention

  • Reduce the level of acute stress
  • overcome life crises
  • Promoting long-term resilience

Mindful Self-leadership

  • Self-management and self-care
  • Mindfulness in everyday (work) life
  • Digital resilience


Mindful Leadership Coaching

  • From being pushed to making conscious decisions
  • Interrupting the stimulus-response automatism
  • Detect and improve communication patterns

Executive Coaching / Feedback

  • Solution focused short-term coaching for decisions or as a source of inspiration
  • Challenges as a (new) manager
  • Coaching following a 360° executive feedback

Career counselling

  • actively shaping transitions from one employer to another
  • Reorientation out of an existing employment
  • Find purpose with regard to work tasks
Process of the consulting/coaching

Costs of consulting/coaching


My consulting/coaching is based on a holistic approach and is characterized by curiosity, respect, appreciation and humor.


In addition to my experience as a systemic consultant and therapist as well as a coach and mindfulness trainer, my work in the corporate world and as a lecturer forms a versatile basis that helps me to understand and illuminate the concerns of my clients from different perspectives.


You can find out more about me by clicking on VITA.


Through the solution- and strengths-oriented, systemic approach you will (re)connect with yourself and your own powers and resources. In addition, I work with other methods from e.g. mindfulness teachings, hypnosis and EFT. You get new impulses, see your concern from different perspectives and I support you in taking action and finding the right direction for you.


The ability to connect with clients on eye level is very important to me in my work. My empathetic way of working helps me to get involved with my clients and their experiences and to find the appropriate interventions for the respective person.

Nevertheless, my work does not replace a visit to a doctor or psychologist.

What former clients say…


I am looking forward to getting to know you and working with you!

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